soundscape-ist & composer

"Sometimes you hear something and think: "now this is how the modern world feels to me". Peter's music is like that, capturing excitement and speed and ambiguity and even wistfulness and melancholy ...a complex emotional palette which feels to me like real life." Brian Eno about J. Peter Schwalm´s music


16/03/2016 15:22
I am happy to anounce the release of my record "The Beauty of Disaster"; on Vinyl, CD, FLAC,...
12/01/2016 14:05
24/06/2015 11:03
19.6.2015 Live at Mojo Club/Hamburg 20.6.2015 Live at Colloseum Lübeck
05/02/2015 13:36
A Really enoyable trip to Leeds for a Concert at Opera...
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